global sangsin!


History of SB!

Great achievement in the brake industry within the last 40 years.

We are taking off and aiming to become a new 100-year-old global company, with the hopes of achieving more than we have in the last 40 years.

2011 ~ Present history

Global Management Toward the 21st Century

2011 ~ Present

Establishing a joint venture plant and a local plant in China, as well as exporting our brake pad manufacturing technology to India, we are adjusting worldwide export and market strategies, thus building a foundation for global management.

  • 2016

    11. Established overseas sales office (South America) : Sangsin Brake Mexico S. DE R.L. DE C.V.

  • 2015

    12. 100 Million Dollar Export Tower Award

    07. Moved the head office and research center (Daegu Technopolis)

    04. ASES certified (partner company registered for Renault–Nissan)

    01. The Most Reliable Brand Award sponsored by Digital Chosun (HARDRON)

  • 2014

    05. Award by the Minister of Health and Welfare for Social Contribution Activities

    04. Contract agreement of technology introduction with respect to self-generation type retarder (for commercial vehicles) with TBK, Japan

    03. Certified Hyundai Motors SQ mark

  • 2013

    12. 70 Million Dollar Export Tower Award

    09. Introduction of HAGEN products

    06. Established overseas corporation (China): Sangsin Brake System Limited in Sacheon

    01. Established an affiliate company, AB-Tech

  • 2011

    12. 50 Million Dollar Export Tower Award

    05. Established a Middle East branch (Dubai)

    02. Technical agreement for developing friction materials with Ettehad Lent Pishro Sanat of Iran

2001 ~ 2010 history

Creating a base to Target Global Markets

2001 ~ 2010

Actively establishing overseas branches and sales networks, we are expanding export markets in view of production and sales strategies, creating a base to target global markets.

  • 2010

    12. Established overseas sales office (USA): Sangsin Brake America, Inc.

    02. Established local corporation (India): Sangsin Brake India Private Ltd.

  • 2008

    02. Technical cooperation with Hitachi Chemical and Japan Brake

  • 2007

    01. Merger of Sangsin ENG Co., Ltd.

  • 2005

    12. 10 Million Dollar Export Tower Award

  • 2004

    10. Listed on the stock exchange

    04. Introduction of HARDRON (premium brake pad)

    01. Environmental certification mark

  • 2003

    12. Introduction of HARDRON Z (brake pad for racing vehicles)

  • 2002

    12. Introduction of HARDRON Z (brake pad for racing vehicles)

    10. Technical cooperation with JB (Japan Brake), Japan

    03. Corporate name change to Sangsin Brake Co., Ltd.

  • 2001

    11. Registered the company on the Kosdaq

1991 ~ 2000 history

Growth and Development

1991 ~ 2000

Sangsin Brake, in connection with overseas advanced technologies, combines the non-asbestos technology of Germany and Japan with Sangsin’s own domestic technology. Moreover, the company is achieving the best development technology in Korea.

  • 1999

    05. Opened 8 sales offices across the country

  • 1994

    01. Technical cooperation with TBK, Japan

  • 1993

    11. Certified HMC Class 1 Plant

  • 1991

    09. Sangsin technology research center authorized (Korea Industrial Technology Association)

1975 ~ 1990 history

Sangsin, New Start-Up

1975 ~ 1990

Starting as the Sangsin Chemical Industrial company, the current Sangsin Brake has only focused on brake products for almost half a century, enabling it to become Korea's No. 1 brake manufacturer.

  • 1990

    11. Medium- and Small-Sized Company Award for improving productivity

  • 1987

    01. Hi-Q, Trademark Registration

  • 1982

    12. 2 Million Dollar Export Tower Award

  • 1980

    03. Corporate name change to Sangsin Brake Industrial Co., Ltd.

  • 1975

    08. Established Sangsin Chemical Industrial Co., Ltd.