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Commercial Vehicles

Brake Pads for Commercial

Brake Pads for commercial
  • Outstanding and Reliable Brake Force

    The brakes of a truck suffer from transport conditions and commercial loads, which may vary day to day. Sangsin truck lining ensures an outstanding and reliable brake force regardless of the transport conditions.

  • Efficient and Economic Life Span

    Economic vehicle maintenance is the only solution to survive in the harsh structure of domestic commercial transport costs in Korea. Sangsin truck lining, with its efficient and economical life span, is a successful business partner for your transport business. Advance your business among fierce competition with Sangsin truck lining!

Medium-sized trucks (2.5–5 tons)

  • Medium-sized Lining

    Medium-sized Lining

  • Medium-sized Assembly

    Medium-sized Assembly

Large size trucks (8–24 tons)

  • Large-sized Lining

    Large-sized Lining

  • Large-sized Shoe Assembly / Large-sized Shoe

    Large-sized Shoe Assembly / Large-sized Shoe