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CEO's Greetings

Sangsin Brake is the history of brakes of Korea.

With a management philosophy that prioritizes quality, Sangsin Brake (SB), has been focusing on brakes for the past 40 years to become an expert of brake friction materials. Safety begins with Sangsin brake!

  • Hyoil Kim, CEO of Sangsin Brake
  • Since the establishment of the Sangsin Brake Industrial Corporation in 1975, Sangsin has diligently and expertly researched and developed brake pads, linings, and other vehicle friction materials for more than 40 years.

    As a result, Sangsin has not only manufactured materials and service parts for Hyundai Kia Motors, GM Korea, Renault Samsung, Ssangyong, and other automotive makers as an OEM, it has also sold its own brands such as HI-Q, HAGEN, and HARDRON to both domestic and overseas companies across 90 or more countries, thus becoming Korea’s largest brake manufacturer.

    Sangsin operates local plants in China and India. In addition, it has a corporate sales body located in the US, as well as a branch in the Middle East. Furthermore, Sangsin exported brake manufacturing technologies to Iran and India. The company takes on diverse export lines in the global markets while laying the foundation for its global management.

    Based on its long experience and verified technology, Sangsin (SB) endeavors to be a reliable company that continuously manufactures safe and reliable products. We will do our best to be the most memorable company in history.

    Your continuous and close attention to our company is always appreciated.
    Thank you.

    CEO of Sangsin Brake Hyoil Kim sign