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Foreign Vehicles

HAGEN, the Brake Pad for Foreign Vehicles

  • Dust-free Method

    It minimizes the risk of disc thinning caused by repeated braking or scoring (i.e., the phenomenon of discs being torn down in the shape of a record disc), and prevents worn-out disc particles from becoming stuck on vehicle wheels to ensure the maintenance of clean wheels.

  • OE Technology-based, the Most Optimized Product

    With excellent and effective stability, the product maintains a consistent friction coefficient regardless of braking conditions, i.e. low speed or high speed, and allows for more economic benefits over other products.

  • Low-noise Friction Method

    This product significantly prevents the high-pitched squealing noise and the low-pitched growling noise that occur upon braking.

  • Environmentally-friendly Product

    The four most harmful heavy metals for human body (lead, cadmium, mercury, and chromium-6) are not used. Instead of using the cancer-causing agent asbestos, expensive but safe materials like aramid fiber and mineral fiber are used for this environmentally-friendly product.

HAGEN’s Total Quality Index

HAGEN Friction coefficient / Disc temperature change
  • Noise