global sangsin!


Vision and Mission

- vision -

Beyond The Friction,
To the Global Leading Brake System Company!

- goal -

Achieve KRW 1 trillion and be among the world’s top 5 by 2025

Corporate Motto

Corporate Motto

Management Strategies

  • Management System

    Support for growth as a global company.

  • OE

    Intensively focus on global markets, targeting diverse clients.

  • Domestic Market

    Aggressive conversion sales and market power enhancement for niche markets.

  • System

    Improvement of quality and cost competitiveness through advancement.

  • New Growth Power

    Establishment of a base for entering global markets.

  • Export

    Expansion of global market share by preoccupying new industrial countries.

Management Philosophy

  • 글로벌경영 아이콘

    Global Management

    Preparation for a base in its global market entry.
    Preoccupying markets in new industrial countries.
    Expansion of global market share.

  • 고객만족경영 아이콘

    Customer Satisfaction Management

    Enhancement of cost competitiveness.
    Promotion of existing customer satisfaction.
    Improvement of premium quality recognition.

  • 창조경영 아이콘

    Creative Management

    Leading research and application of advanced engineering.
    Security of own FA technology.
    Optimization of production management system and quality improvement.

  • 인재경영 아이콘

    Talent Management

    Growth through fostered management of talent.
    Enhancement of competencies of affiliated companies.
    Sophistication of organization management system.

Environmental Safety Management

Sangsin Brake aims to implement environmental management strategies to actively address a rapidly changing global economy.

  • Shall diligently comply with domestic regulations and international agreements in respect of the environment and company-related requirements, as well as company-specified environmental rules.
  • Shall develop and continuously improve clean technology and process to prevent environmental pollution.
  • Shall save resources and energy to preserve resources, reduce waste materials, and increase recycling.
  • Shall strive to prevent environmental accidents to minimize potential impacts on the environment such as emergency disasters.
  • Shall educate and train all employees and partner companies to prevent environmental accidents and have them be aware of the importance of environment protection.

Shall establish an adequate communication system and conduct a proper training program to make employees understand environmental policies, as well as to achieve environmental goals and detailed objectives in accordance with EMS.

Prevention of air and water pollution / reduction of waste materials / conservation of energy / prevention of environmental accidents

Shall open environmental policies related to those stated above to interested parties and actively lead our partner companies to seek environmentally friendly business management.