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HARDRON, the High-Class Brake Pad

  • Sophisticated and Elegant Brake Feeling

    HARDRON, which is used for high-class vehicles, boasts of absolute quality in abrasion resistance and braking force over other friction materials. Cutting-edge ceramic materials are applied to ensure a smooth yet powerful driving force, thus increasing customers trust and safety.

  • Ultimate Safety

    HARDRON maintains a high friction coefficient even under extreme driving conditions, such as wet or snowy roads, and provides the ultimate safety level.

  • Quiet Braking and Clean Wheel Management

    HARDRON is a high-class product that addresses the disadvantages of brake friction materials such as noise and dust. Ceramic and cutting-edge fiber materials are used for HARDRON to reduce noise and airborne dust on the wheels, which ensures a quiet and comfortable ride quality for drivers as well as clean wheel maintenance, thus offering the complete package for a high-class vehicle image.

Composition of HARDRON


HARDRON SEDAN provides a smooth yet powerful brake force. Also, it reduces noise and airborne black dust, allowing clean maintenance of the wheels. It offers the complete package in terms of ride quality and brand image of high-class vehicles.


HARDRON SUV maximizes a brake force suitable for the weights of heavy SUV and RV vehicles, thus ensuring a safe drive even during sudden braking or repeated braking.


The life span of brakes commercial vehicle tends to be significantly affected by load weights and driving conditions, which may vary day to day. The HARDRON TRUCK ensures an efficient and economic life span, as it is also equipped with a secure brake force, making it an excellent partner for your successful business.

Performance Test Result (comparison with equivalent products of competitors)

  • Abrasion Loss
  • Abrasion Loss
  • Brake Force
  • Brake Force
  • Noise
  • Noise