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Brand Introduction

With brake pads that stop gently and quietly,
we promise your safety.

Hi-Q brake pads, enhanced with advanced technology ceramic materials,
provide a safe and comfortable driving experience.

An Outstanding and
Reliable Braking Force.


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New standards for
a brake pad masterpiece!

Made according to global standards and born for world-class vehicles!
HAGEN, the new concept of brake pad made by Sangsin.

Maintaining High Quality
for World-class Vehicles


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Quality brakes can enhance vehicles performance.
Complete your car with HARDRON.

HARDRON, high quality class brake pad, for high grade vehicle, Complete your grade with HARDRON.

Premium Quality Brake Pads


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Hardron-Z brake pads are for lovers of high performance driving.

High-speed driving can be exhilarating but it should be matched by an emphasis on safety.
Enjoy the pleasures of speed with brakes that guarantee safety.

Speed with Safety!


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