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Passenger Vehicles

Reliable Braking, Hi-Q

  • Secured Braking Power under any Conditions

    Hi-Q maintains a consistent friction coefficient at any conditions, regardless of vehicle models, driving behavior, low temperature or high temperature, ensuring a reliable and excellent braking power.

  • Respectful of Environments and Humans

    Hi-Q does not use asbestos or glass fiber, which may cause lung cancer when inhaled. Furthermore, as an environmentally friendly product, Hi-Q cares for both the environment and humans. As such, it does not contain any lead (Pb), cadmium (Cd), mercury (Hg), chromium (Cr) or any other harmful substances.

  • Minimization of Disc Rotor Damages

    Hi-Q significantly reduces the use of ferrous materials to minimize damages on disc rotor surface.

  • Front Wheels

    Front Wheels

  • Rear Wheels

    Rear Wheels

  • Shoe Assembly for Passenger Car

    Shoe Assembly for Passenger Car

Advantages of Ceramics

Good Good Average Average Poor Poor

Advantages of Ceramics
Category Braking Power Abrasion Noise Features
Ceramic Average Good Good 1. Smooth Braking
2. Reduces Brake Noise
3. Less Damage to the Disc and Less Pollution on the Wheels
Low-steel Good Good Average 1. Strong Braking
2. Stable In High Temperature Conditions
3. May Damage the Disc
Semi-metalic Poor Average Average 1. Easily Corrodes
2. Causes Brake Noise
3. May Damage the Disc

Performance Test Result (comparison with equivalent products of competitors)

  • Abrasion Loss
  • Brake Force
  • Noise