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Racing Cars

HARDRON Z for Tuning and Racing Maniacs

  • Guaranteed Safety, Excellent Brake Force

    HARDRON Z possesses the advantages of low-steel and non-steel materials, which are known to be good for braking force and noise. As such, this product ensures an outstanding brake force even when driving at high speeds on the Autobahn highway. Providing one-third less of the brake distance than normal brake pads, the brake fade of HARDRON Z ensures reliable brake force even during high speed driving.
    * Fade : a reduction in stopping power that can occur when the brake slips after application of the brakes during high-speed driving.

  • HARDRON Z, Favorably Commented on by Members of Tuning Clubs and Racers

    A sports pad feature and other preferences of tuning maniacs—based on questionnaire surveys—are applied to HARDRON Z. With its powerful braking force, feeling, and abrasion resistance, HARDRON Z can be even used as a racing pad. Currently, its use is being expanded to racing vehicles. HARDRON Z maintains a reliable brake force even at heel-and-toe shifting in high-speed and high-RPM conditions, which is greatly appreciated by experts and maniacs of motor sports.
    * Heel-and-toe shifting : Heel-and-toe shifting is a driving technique used for cornering. This technique is used for fast driving in high-RPM conditions after passing through a corner.
    * RPM : means revolutions per minute of a vehicle.

Brake time from high-speed driving (180 km/h) to stopping

Brake time from high-speed driving (180 km/h) to stopping

Composition of HARDRON Z


As a brake pad for race cars, excellent brake force is secured by achieving a high-friction coefficient even at high-speed circuit level braking.


As a brake pad for tuning maniacs, an expensive ceramic material is used for the pad, and disc abrasion is minimized to ensure reliable brake force and less noise.

Performance Test Result (comparison with equivalent products of competitors)

  • Abrasion Loss
  • Brake Force
  • Noise