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New Growth Power!

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  • Wind Turbine Brake

    Wind Turbine Brake

    Wind Turbine Brake
    Advantages and Features
    • Brake to operate with full or controlled torque
    • Easy to maintain Caliper & Pad
    • Smooth brake with strong stopping power
    • Less noise by avoiding squeal and judder
  • Railway Brake

    Railway Brake

    Railway Brake
    Advantages and Features
    • Stable Braking Performance and Long Lasting Life
    • Excellent Materials for Less Noise
    • Using Eco- Friendly Material
    • Less Damage to the Disc Rotors/ Wheel
  • Retarder


    Advantages and Features
    • Optimum control available by controlling the Current
    • Fail-safe function of the self-diagnostic and diagnosis display (Failure code)
    • Regenerative Braking
    • Technical Cooperation with TBK(Japan)